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Please allow 1 business day for handling prior to shipping. Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

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All North American orders over $60 receive free standard shipping (2-3 days)

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Orders from outside of North America use UPS expedited shipping ($20-$29) depending on location and take 3-6 days to arrive.  There is also the option to choose DHL express (2-3 day) for $50.

Import Taxes & Duties

There are no additional import fees for orders within North America.

Any order shipped to a destination outside of the United States or Canada may be subject to import taxes or duties. As the recipient, you are the importer and must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Exact import taxes and duties vary, depending on the destination country.
Agawa Canyon charges only the merchandise and shipping charges to your credit card. Import taxes and duties are collected by the international carrier upon delivery.



Expect years of trouble-free service.  AGAWA products are fully guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship.
Our warranty does not extend to saw blades.

To make a warranty claim please contact our customer service department for a repair or replacement.



We stand behind our products 100 percent.
If you purchase an item from Agawa Canyon and are unhappy with it for any reason, you may return your item with a receipt or proof of purchase for a refund or exchange.

Items must be returned in salable condition. Non-salable items cannot be returned.

Please contact us for a return label or for further instructions.


Refunds can be expected to be made to the same form of payment originally used to make your purchase.

They will be issued once the return package is receive and may take up to 3 business days to be processed.


Where are the saws made?

The BOREAL folding bow saws are designed and assembled in Canada with some global components.

Where are the saw blades made?

The all-purpose, dry, and hunter blades are made in Sweden.

The aggressive blade is Made in Canada from high carbon Swedish bandsaw steel.

Where are the sheaths made?

All of the sheaths are hand made in Canada.

Which saw blade should I choose.


This medium toothed blade has a double pointed raker between sets of cutting teeth, which clears the cutting notch of wood chips and fiber. This popular style cuts green wood but is right at home cutting dry hard and soft woods. Rust protective coating and hardened points make this versatile blade perfect for most uses.


The Sidney Rancher II is custom designed and  favoured  by those seeking an extremely aggressive and long lasting blade.  Long sharp edges in a unique pattern of large teeth provide aggressive cutting.   This heavy gauge blade will plow through wood.  Locally made by craftsmen the Sidney Rancher II features hardened points and push/ pull cutting


The Hunter's Blade is ideal for cutting through bone or meats.  The serrated high quality stainless steel blade stands up to the elements and is easy to clean.  This blade is the perfect choice for field dressing of game.

Can I only use your bow saw blades?

The BOREAL saws have been specifically designed and tested with top quality blades having specified hole-to-hole dimensions that produce optimal blade tensioning..  Nevertheless, you can use other blades that are dimensionally similar to our blades.  However, there may be slight variation with other blades and we just can't guarantee that you'll always have the same cutting experience as you have with our blades.

How do I replace the blade?

The BOREAL blades can be easily replaced - no special tools are needed. Use any sturdy flat surface (knife edge, flat screw driver, key, etc) to remove and replace the pin clips to change the blade. For instructions, go to our HOW TO page.

Do BOREAL saws work in very cold weather?

We have customers who have used the BOREAL in the Arctic for years without any issues.  All the components are rust proof and sturdy in all weather conditions.

How do I tension the BOREAL saw?

All BOREAL saws automatically tension for the most efficient saw stroke.  There is no need to add more tension.  If you every have any issues with tension please give us a call or send an email.


Where is the ADK26 made?

The axe head is drop forged in Ohio, USA and finished in Ontario, Canada.
All other components & accessories are made in Ontario, Canada.

What is the ADK26 made of?

Axe Head: Drop forged 5160 steel, hardened & tempered, black oxide finish (Made in USA, finished in Canada)

Handle & Extension: Impact modified nylon with long fiber glass reinforcement (Made in Canada)

Attachment Clips: Hardened SS spring wire (made in Canada)

Release Tool: Stainless Steel

Bit Sheath: Full grain leather (made in Canada)

Axe Sheath: Cordura (made in Canada)

How is the axe head connected to the handle?

This process is called overmolding. The axe head is placed in the injection molding machine and the handle is formed over a recessed area of the steel as well as completely through an "X" shaped hole in the steel, connecting it from both sides and completely locking it in place.

How Strong is the Joint?

Every aspect of the axe has been rigorously tested in house as well as third party tested to ASME standard B107.400-2018 for striking tools.

Also check out these videos of the ADK26 being heavily used.

Will does it stand up to the cold?

We stress tested at -40 C and noticed about 5-10% reduction in strength. However this still puts it's failure point at pressures much higher than you're able create by hand.

How does the ADK26 react when left out in the sun?

The base material is UV stabilized and experiences very little degradation from sun exposure.

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